Build your Own Treehouse

Let’s face it building your own tree house is not easy. Building a treehouse takes lots of planning and construction but working together and your hard work combined will pay off in the end. A treehouse can be a magical playhouse for your children to hideaway and play, or just simply a fun project for an adult. If you give your treehouse the attention and care that it needs, then you can build a wooden sanctuary that will last a lifetime. Building a treehouse will teach your kids to love being outdoors. Let’s get you started and read on for my expert advice and steps on how to build your very own treehouse.


Safety is extremely important, and you must make sure that the treehouse is structured solidly.

Make the weight of your treehouse as light as possible. The heavier it is the more support that you will need and the greater the risk of damage to the tree.

Essential materials:

Roofing tiles, Planks, corrugated sheets, and wooden beams.

Tools that you need:

Workbench, power drill, tape measure, hammer, ladders, spanners set, jigsaw, brackets, safety glasses, hand saw circular saw, beam supports, screws, and bolts. You can find all you need at

Select your Tree

If you have chosen to build a tree, you must choose one that is healthy, strong, sturdy, mature, and living. The ideal and most suited would be Oak, Maple, Fir, Beech, and apple. The tree trunk must be robust and strong, substantial branches, be deep in the ground, this will make a great solid ground to build on. It should have no signs of parasites or diseases that could possibly weaken your tree trunk.

Find out do you need approval

To get started with any building, you should check with your local council to see if you need approval for building one. You must very often get a licensed permit beforehand. There may be some restrictions. You should also talk to your neighbours out of courtesy and let them know your plans. It will avoid any complaints later. The treehouse may spoil their views and overlook them and their privacy.

Choosing your design plan and position

After you have selected the tree that you would like to build on, it is important to decide and plan on the type of design you would like. For a normal size 3×3 metre, your trunk must be at least 30cm in diameter. For an 8×8 timber treehouse, the trunk must be at least 12 inches in diameter. To get calculations for the diameter you must measure around the whole tree trunk using a measuring tape than with the measured result divide by pi 3.14 to get the diameter. Also, remember to allow plenty of room around the tree trunk for it to grow.

 Decide your support system

Supporting your tree is important and there are many ways to do so. Whichever support system you choose to go with, it is important to know and remember that trees may move with the wind. To ensure no damage is done brackets and joists are vital. Here are some of the different support methods you can use:

  • Posting Technique

This means you must sink the support posts into the ground only adjacent the tree, instead of attaching, it is less damaging.

  • Bolting Technique

This involves bolting the beams straight through the tree to support it. This technique will damage it the most, but this can be minimised by means of the exact resources.

  • Suspension Technique

This involves suspending the treehouse from high strong branches with chains or cables, and ropes. You should remember it will not work with every design and it is not suited to convey any substantial weight at all.

 Choose your access method

You will need to choose how you are going to access or climb up to the treehouse such as a ladder. Have safety awareness in mind for your children, it needs to be safe and sturdy. Here are the safest options to choose from:

  • Rope ladder

This is made from shortboards and rope and is hung straight down.

  • Standard ladder

It can be purchased anywhere if you don’t want to make your own. It makes an easy and quick climb.

  • Staircase

This is the safest option for your treehouse. Once u have fixed your stairs you should add a handrail for safety while climbing up.

Secure and safety platform

Safety is massively important to remember before building commences. Falling out is a major hazard. Here are some helpful tips to reduce your risk

  • Do not build too high

It can be unsafe if you build it to high. The standing platform should be no more than six to eight feet.

  • Safety railing covering the platform

Make sure there is a railing covering the whole platform all around to ensure no one falls off. It should be at least 36-inches high, with spacings between with no more 4 inches apart.

  • Lay cushioned surface

Lay soft cushions materials below the treehouse. It should provide softening if a fall does occur.

Building your Roof

Making your roof it should be an A-framed shape. To ensure your roof is 100% watertight, then staple on thick plastic foil to the A-frame before you fix on the planks or roofing tiles in place. To finish the look of your treehouse you should consider painting or stain the wood to ensure weatherproof.