Timber Sheds

Quality Timber Sheds

We have the basic timber garden sheds up to a 2-bedroom house or office. Our rustic garden timber sheds in Dublin are a great value and are one of the strongest on the market.
This shed is ideal for garden equipment and bikes etc. Our Delux model is a stronger and heavier shed made with imported kiln dried timber on the sides roof and floor, Leaving it more suitable for household items etc.
We supply our sheds in a Ronseal Fence life painted finish or in the pressure treated green option.
We will also custom manufacturer a shed to your specific design.
We can also fit a steel roof on our timber sheds so you will never have any problems with the roofing felt blowing off
Timber Sheds Dublin

6 x 8 Rustic Standard

8 x 6 Rustic Standard


The rustic is an overlapping board about 10 to 12 mm thick with an inch lap. This shed has a 16 mm board in the floor and roof that are but jointed together .This shed is best suited for garden tools and garden furniture.
  • 8 x 6 Rustic Lodge

10 x 8 Delux Chalet


The Delux  shed has a heavier board on the sides, floor  and roof. The side board in our deluxe is 7″ x1″ which has a finished thickness of 19- 20 mm. The floor and roof boards are also the same thickness and are T&G together so there are no gaps .
This is by far a better quality shed than the rustic ,And will not be as damp as the rustic and is suitable for household stuff. So other companies are using a board that is half the thickness of our board.

14 x 8 Delux with Door in side for Lawnmower

16 x 8 Delux Felt Roof

Barrel Board Garden Sheds
All types and sizes of our garden sheds  can be pressure treated .All the garden sheds are available in the barrel board finish and pressure treated weather board. The barrel board garden sheds look great in a garden with the rounded look on the board  like a log cabin.

8 x 8 Barrell Board

Our Timber Garden Sheds are one of the best made sheds in Ireland. We use only the top quality timber in  both native and imported timber in  our timber garden sheds.
All our sheds are nailed together with galvanised nails for a long life . We use only toughened safety glass in our windows that is very hard to break. The timber in our doors are tongue and grooved for extra strength. Hinges and pad bolts on the doors are also galvanised. We use green mineral shed felt on the roofs  with options of steel  BOX PROFILE and TILE EFFECT sheeting. All the Framing in our sheds is at aprox .  18″ centres.

80′ x 16′ Shed

6 x 8 Delux Dormer Den