Play houses and tree houses

Timber Play Houses & Tree Houses in Dublin

We make a wide range of tree houses in Dublin that have a timber base that is dug into the ground and securely fixed down and will not blow over in the wind.
We have swings and climbing walls and slides etc which can all be added in to make the tree house of your dreams.
We also make playhouses which will suit even the smallest of gardens.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our playhouses and tree houses.So no matter what you want we will make it for you.
Our company has put a lot of time into designing tree houses and making them interesting and safe to suit any size of garden small or large. The bigger tree houses would not be suitable for a smaller garden as it may block your views and block off a lot of your sunlight.
Play Houses & Tree Houses Dublin

Small Tree house


This small tree house is set about 30″ off the ground and only sits on top of the ground.

The standard size is 6’x4′ shed part with 2′ veranda .It has steps up to it.

The wall height is only 4′ high so is more suited to small children in a small garden.

This tree house can be fitted up higher or with higher sides if ordered from us to be made that way

We can  do a flat pack collected from our yard for €700 in the rustic

and €850 for the light deluxe type.

Fitting in the Leinster area is €100 extra.

The smaller tree houses are ideal if you have smaller children. They also work well in a smaller garden as it won’t take up too much of your space.

Standard Tree houses

The standard range of timber tree houses are fitted with the posts or legs dug into the ground and the posts are then concreted in.

The floor of the shed and veranda is about  4′ high off the ground depending on the slope of your garden .

The shed part is 6′ x 6′ with a 6′ x 4′ veranda to the front.

We also do bigger options and designs.

Prices for this tree house start from €1300

We also do a slide and swings

Climbing walls and ramps etc.

For full details call to our yard and see the display or ring us on 0402-34703 / 34986


We manufacturer a wide range of playhouses to suit everybody.

There is options like an 8×6 lodge type play house with a 6×6′ shed and a 2′ veranda in 3 different timber types and a price to suit also.

There is also a dormer den which has an upstairs loft inside the shed with a ladder up to it.This is a dream play house for any child

Any of these play-houses will provide endless fun for your children for years to come.

All our play houses follow strict safety requirements for children and only the best materials are used. The playhouses are all high pressure treated, smooth wood, no splinters will be shown. Be sure to get your backyard play house for your children so that they can enjoy every day. The lessons they learn will be used for a lifetime.