Tidy Garden Sheds

Tidy Garden Sheds for Small Gardens

Our tidy garden sheds can be made to fit even the smallest garden.These can be made any height width or length to suit.Even fitting in under windows or inside passages. It will maximise the storage space of a small area. We supply a wide selection of different tidy garden sheds that are simple yet have that stylish look that will look great to keep your outside garden tidy. Our sheds are made of high-quality materials and are designed to secure space to store your gardening and valuable outdoor items. They offer strength, durability, and are wood pressure treated to ensure long-lasting life. We would recommend the deluxe model as it would suit everyone’s specific needs. All our sheds are made with quality hinges and we also include a bolt lock featured on the front of the shed door opening. They are a great storage solution for small gardens where space is limited.

This allows you to use all of the storage space available and make it easily accessible.

We can make this type of building in any size to suit your specific requirements.

Price list: 

6×3′         Rustic is €350

6×3′         Delux is €450


The deluxe timber is the best quality and will not be as damp as the rustic shed.

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