The first time you buy your new Timber Garden Shed it will look superb. You will have it placed in the part of the garden that you want and organise it your way. It provides ample storage space for your belongings. However, a wooden shed needs maintenance from time to time. Besides been subject to our Irish weather but it is also tasty to insects. Wood is a natural product that is prone to rotting and damage. It is far more time to consume and costly to repair rotting wood. Taking a little out of your time at least once a month to maintain and prolong the sheds life. If the outer part of your shed isn’t maintained properly, the inside and your belongings can become damaged also.
Here is a list of some of the key tips to maintain your Timber Garden Shed:

1. Clean the Shed  

Empty your shed completely and sweep out all the dust, debris, and cobwebs thoroughly. Check and clean all window seals on the windows in case there may be leaks. To ensure no rust, the locks and hinges should be oiled. It is a lot easier to assess the wood condition when the shed is cleaned. Check for any condensation on the windows, leaks, and damp walls these can all lead to rotting.

2. Treat the Wood 

Protect the timber by using a good wood preservative treatment like wood varnish. It should be applied every 12 months to preserve the timber from rotting and insects. Wood varnish can also protect the timber from direct sunlight which can cause the wood to fade and split. Pay close attention when applying the treatment in case you miss parts if this happens and it is properly treated it will allow moisture to seep through causing rotting.

3. Trees should be trimmed back 

It is ideal to position your shed out of the way of any large trees. If any trees become damaged and may fall on the shed this can cause damage, especially in the autumn/winter months. If leaves may gather on the roof of your shed it is important to remove them as this can cause excess moisture into your timber.

4. The roofing Felt should be repaired 

The Felt lining in the roof of your shed is one of the key components of wood structures as it provides waterproofing. Roof felt generally last about 5 years  but it should be checked from time to time to ensure there are no tears present in the material. If there is damage it should be repaired straight away. Strong winds during stormy weather can cause rips and tears in the felt.

5. How to check for Wood Rotting 

Checking your timber for wood-rotting is important. The signs of wood rotting include:
  1. Soft Walls
  2. Crumbling wood
  3. An acrid fungal smell
  4. Unusual growths on the wood
  5. Darker patches on the wood
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