Wheelie Bin Stores

Quality Handmade Wheelie Bin Stores in Dublin

The wheelie bin store is a great way of hiding the bins and even to stop them blowing around the yard.If you have no side entrance and do not want to have to keep dragging the bin in and out true the house,
This is the answer and they look well in front of the house instead of looking at the bins. Call us for more details and the options we can make.
Browse our fantastic wide range of Wheelie bin storage sheds online and see which is the right option one for your requirements. They are a very smart compact storage solution for storing away your bins nice and neatly, avoiding any potential mess that may be caused by cats, and other animals and pets. Our wheelie bin sheds are custom designed to suit your needs. They are constructed with a sleek high-quality natural Timber and should fit perfectly with any house or garden layout. All our products are pressure treated to ensure they last in all weather conditions, which makes them low maintenance. We can also fit any bolt on the front of the shed for locking it securely. They come in the following units options, single, double, or triple.
Wheelie Bin Stores Dublin

They are very easy to use

You just push in the empty bin backwards with the handle facing out. Then close the doors. To put the bags of waste in the bin you just simply lift the top lid and open the bin. The Standard bin store is made with rib boards and have a gap between the boards. We also have the Deluxe model of bin store. This is made with solid T&G type timber and gives a different look.

Standard Wheelie Bin Stores Price list 

1 BIN UNIT €200.00

2 BIN UNIT €250.00

3 BIN UNIT €290.00

Delux T&G  Wheelie Bin Stores Price list 

1 BIN UNIT €290.00

2 BIN UNIT €350.00

3 BIN UNIT €390.00


If you ring us we will give you a price for delivery.