Steel Sheds & Wood Effect Steel Sheds


Our wood effect steel garden sheds are a great option. It will not look like a steel shed and will blend into any garden.
The shiplap profile on the sides of our sheds even look like boards and fool most people who look the shed thinking it is timber.
The design is made in all sizes of our steel sheds in Dublin.
24×12′ 6″ Timber  Effect Garage fitted with double doors.
We also Manufacturer  garages in the timber effect type sheeting with the over lap shiplap profile on the sides of the shed .
Wood effect PVC windows and PVC doors can also be fitted into our sheds.
And can also use 25 mm or 40 mm  insulation and is  lined inside with another layer of steel.
Steel Sheds Dublin
Wood Effect Steel Sheds


Abbeylawn is now doing a full range of Wood Effect Steel Sheds in Dublin. We do in either the standard type single skin shed or with the double skin 25 mm insulation. We now also do this shed in the 40 mm double skin insulated steel with the wood effect cladding on the outside.
We can make the wood effect steel sheds in any size to suit your needs.

This shed can be fitted on a concrete base supplied for us when we arrive If you need a concrete base supplied by us. Please ring us for a quote.

Or at an extra cost can be fitted with a timber floor. A Box Profile roof is standard on the timber effect steel sheds and comes in a range of colours. Brown is the most popular colour to match in with the wood effect sheeting on the sides. A tile effect roof will finish off this shed to a very high standard.
25 mm and 40 mm insulated wood effect steel sheds.
We also have an option of the 25 mm and 40 mm insulated steel shed with the double layer of steel and insulation between the 2 layer of steel. This leaves the shed a lot warmer and not as to our yard and see the options on display.
Wood grain Steel Cladding  Sheds
Our wood effect steel  cladding  is for people  who want their garden shed or garage to have a different appearance to the standard cladding garden sheds and garages. It will give your shed more of a timber shed look which is softer than the cold steel look. The wood grain gives a very attractive natural finish with an over lap profile sheet on the sides to the building which would blend in perfectly into any back garden. Wood effect  cladding is the same type of steel  as the other buildings but runs horizontal giving an over lap wooden look to the building.Wood Grain  sheds come with a PVC door or with a  flat sheet of wood effect steel fitted on an  insulated steel security door.The Pvc Door is also in a wood effect . The PVC door is an optional extra.

Price list for Steel sheds.

All shed  prices are inclusive of delivery, erection and V.A.T @ 13.5%

A concrete base is recommended for our steel sheds but can be fitted on a timber floor

3 x 2 m €1,875.00 €2,750.00 €3,350.00 €275.00 €270.00
3 x 3 m €2,200.00 €3,300.00 €3,775.00 €330.00 €300.00
4 x 3 m €2,525.00 €3,700.00 €4,150.00 €450.00 €350.00
4 x 4 m €2,900.00 €4,250.00 €5,000.00 €550.00 €400.00
5 x 3 m €2,900.00 €4,250.00 €5,000.00 €550.00 €400.00
5 x 4 m €3,450.00 €5,000.00 €5,875.00 €460.00
6 x 3 m €3,450.00 €5,000.00 €5,875.00 €460.00
6 x 4 m €4,000.00 €5,875.00 €6,800.00 €540.00
8 x 4 €5,390.00 €7,700.00 €8,650.00 €625.00
9 x 4 m €5,700.00 €8,500.00 €9,450.00 €720.00

Sizes are approximate and can be slightly different

Metric to imperial sizes are just to help you convert the sizes 

2 m = 6’6″      3 m = 10′       4 m = 12′ 9″     5 m = 16′      6 m = 20′       7 m = 23′      8 m = 26′     9 m = 30′ 


A level base is required for all sheds

We can arrange for a concrete floor to be fitted for you if you wish or you can do it yourself.

Tile effect roof and wooden floor options are extra. Prices below

These sheds are also available in a wood effect steel.

Sizes are approximate and can be slightly different.

Other Extras:

  • Double doors €150 (Total opening 6’10’)
  • Extra Insulated single door €175
  • Extra door on standard shed €150
  • PVC door ½ glass €550
  • Double insulated doors €400
  • Woodgrain PVC Door €650
  • PVC window €300 (3’x4’)
  • PVC Window €250 (3’x2’)