Types of Sheds Available in Ireland

There are so many different types of sheds on the market it can be quite daunting from which to choose from. In this blog, I am going to go through and discuss some helpful and useful information to help you choose the right product and best option for you. Some of the sheds that are available in Ireland include Steel, Timber, Wood effect steel, wheelie bin cover sheds, and tidy garden sheds. They can have multiple uses such as storing garden equipment, household items, DIY hardware equipment, and much more. Make sure you have a good look around and keep your options open to the size, type, and style that you want before you would jump into buying it.


The best range of Timber Garden Sheds


Wood Effect Steel ShedsListed are a range of different and the most popular handmade timber sheds you can buy on the market. They include the following, Budget Light Rustic, Deluxe Felt, Standard Rustic, Barrel Boarded, Pressure Treated Rustic, Rustic Lodge, Pressure Treated Weather Board, and much more. The standard rustic would be a very popular selling garden shed made from native timber, the boards and side frames come with thick timber for the floor and roof also. It is built on the outside with the timber overlapping each other. The deluxe felt timber shed is made from Kiln dried pine timber. The barrel board shed is made from kiln dried timber and is pressure treated. The rustic lodge shed is manufactured with sawn wood. All our products are pressure treated for longer lasting life and to keep away any dampness.


The best range of Steel Sheds


The steel shed has many advantages and there are so many different types on the market to choose from and here I am going to go through some of the best that are available. They include the following, Standard Steel, insulated steel, and the timber-framed steel shed. The timber-framed steel shed would be the most popular to buy as it would be the best in quality, the outside has the steel finish and the inside is the timber part. The type of build that it is it should be free of dampness. These are designed to be built onto concrete blocks and are pressure treated for long-lasting effects. Better then the standard ones would be the insulated ones. They are made from higher quality and grade material and would generally be that bit more expensive.


The best range of Wood Effect Steel Sheds


steelshed1The best thing about a wood effect steel shed they are maintenance free. This is the perfect option for anyone who wants a quality shed with no work intended. It is available in many different sizes depending on which you would want, it will still look fantastic in your garden. The main style of this product would be that the wood will overlap each other on all sides. They are made strong, durable, and should have that long lasting life. They can also be manufactured with double layers of steel and insulation for that extra warmth and dryness. They are priced very reasonably it all depends on the features that you would want.


 The best range of Quality Garden Sheds and Wheelie Bin Cover Sheds


service13A small garden shed that is tidy is the perfect solution for any home or garden. They will fit even the smallest of gardens and the smallest of spaces. They are compact and very functional. They can be manufactured and designed in different sizes and heights to suit any specification. They are the perfect solution for outside storage, allotments, and gardens. The deluxe model with rustic finish would be the recommended shed as it will cause no dampness. Having your bins outside your house can be unattractive but having a wheelie bin cover shed is the perfect way for hiding your bins away. They will secure your bins from any wind. They are manufactured and designed in many different sizes it all depends on how many units you would like. Nearly all are pressure treated for long lasting life.